Ponies, ponies, ponies


The Annuals 1966 - 1983

The Pony Club Annual 1969

Purnell, London, 1968. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

The annual had a (brief) change of cover format, and appeared in colour for the
first time. It was now published by Purnell. Contents included the painting
competition results, Pony Club Camp, polo and the New Zealand Pony Club.

Short stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Trek, illus Sally Webb

Selina Charlton: The Badger Brigade, illus Harold Beard

The Pony Club Annual 1971
Purnell, London, 1970. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This edition contained cartoons by Sally Webb, and an article on hunting by
Pamela Macgregor-Morris.

Short stories
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: A Horrible Horsy Daughter, illus Janet Johnstone

Selina Charlton: The Summer Film, illus Harold Beard

Elizabeth Rigbey: Tally Ho Quarry, illus Sally Webb

The Pony Club Annual 1972
Purnell, London, 1971. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This was the first Pony Club Annual I had, and I just about knew it off by heart. It
contained plenty of articles on the Pony Club, as well as the usual competitions.

Short Stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Scavenger Hunt, illus Janet Johnstone. Clare is
in a foul mood when she starts off for the Scavenger Hunt.

Primrose Cumming: Firefly’s Foal, illus Sally Webb. Firefly’s foal has a chequered

Elizabeth Rigbey: (aged 13) The Noble Cause: a family rescue a pony.

Carol Vaughan: Flight of Fancy, illus Elizabeth E Bailey. Fancy’s circus skills come
in very useful.

The Pony Club Annual 1973
Purnell, London, 1972. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

The mixture continued as before: poems, Pony Club news and contributions by Pony
Club members.

Short Stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Birdwatcher of Beacon Hill, illus Sian Williams.
The Datchett family move to the country.
Jennifer Wharton: (aged 15) Doctor’s Orders. Frances’ pony is sold after she has
a terrible fall.
Selina Charlton: Christopher’s Boots, illus Carolyn Dinan. Sheila is trying to find a
cheap pair of riding boots.
Elizabeth Rigbey (aged 14) Bob’s “Switch”, illus Sally Webb. The Pony Club play switch.

The Pony Club Annual 1974

Purnell, London, 1973. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This edition didn’t have a short story by a Pony Club member, but continued with
stories from its most frequently used authors: Josephine Pullein Thompson, Primrose
Cumming and Carol Vaughan.

Short Stories

Primrose Cumming: A Pony Shared, illus Lesley Bruce. Geraldine and Jane share
a pony.
Carol Vaughan: Understanding Ulysse, illus Christine Bousfield. Ulysse is a
Camargue horse, and he does things differently.

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Chop and Change, illus Sally Webb. A pony’s eye
view of a Pony Club rally.

The Pony Club Annual 1975

Purnell, London, 1974. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

Primrose Cumming and Carol Vaughan featured again: illustrator Christine Bousfield
also contributed an article on how to draw horses. Readers contributed a crossword
and a puzzle.

Short Stories

Selina Charlton: Night Visitors, illus Carolyn Dinan. Laura and Polly find it can be
difficult growing up.

Primrose Cumming: The Fermoy Affair, illus Ellen Gilbert. The Appletons move house.

Pauline Gerrard: A Polo Conversation,illus Sian Williams. Leo is not quite the usual
polo pony.

Carol Vaughan: Double Trouble, illus Sally Webb. Melissa and Martin are riding as
Indians in the County Show’s Western Ride.

The Pony Club Annual 1976

Purnell, London, 1975. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

In this edition, you could find out about the Pony Club in Jamaica and mounted games
in Amsterdam.

Short Stories

Carol Vaughan: Lucky Star, illus Lesley Bruce. Emma and her aunt buy her first pony,
but make every mistake in the book.

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Bone of Contention, illus Sally Bell. A local footpath
becomes an issue.

Cdr H Falcon-Steward: Jennifer’s Pony, illus Sian Fletcher. Jennifer has to sell her
pony, but she Is saved.

The Pony Club Annual 1977

Purnell, London, 1976. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

Domini Lawrence asked “Who hates dressage?” Barbara Joan Parker wrote on the
diary of a team trainer, and Christine Bousfield carried on teaching the Pony Club
member how to draw. The illustrations for the short stories deteriorated: they are
uncredited and would look more at home in Bunty.

Short Stories

Veronica Riches: A Promise to Dawn. Nicky is going to start instructing the Pony Club.

Primrose Cumming: One Eventful Day. The Pony Club has to field a team for the
Dereham Trials, even if it means including Badger.

Carol Vaughan: Foreigners are Different, illus Janet Johnstone. The Brownlows need
to earn money, but are horrified when their mother arranged for two Italian children to stay
and ride their ponies.

The Pony Club Annual 1970

Purnell, London, 1970. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This anual had three short stories, but otherwise the mix was as normal. It saw another
change of over format, which stayed for the remainder of the anual’s time.

Short stories

Selina Charlton: Adventure at the Flying Horse, illus Sally Webb. Susan and her
family move to a pub from their idyllic farm.

Carol Vaughan: Pony Club Point-to-Pointer, illus Harold Beards. A family get a
point-to-pointer to exercise for a month.

Primrose Cumming: Bridle Path or War Path, illus Janet Johnstone. The Pony
Club have to report on all the local bridle paths.

The Pony Club Annual 1966

Max Parrish & Co Ltd, London, 1965. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This Annual was the first of the new format. It still contained short stories, but the
tenor of the contents had changed. Education was still important, but entertaining
the young reader now had much more emphasis. Two new features were added,
which became fixtures: Riders of Renown (which did what it said on the tin), and
In Many Moods, pages of photographs.

Short stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Failure, illus Sheila Rose. Philippa hates
her sisters: they are successful and she is not.

Glenda Spooner: Our Trekking Holiday, illus Sally Webb. Gillian (heroine of The
Silk Purse)
persuades her parents to go on a trekking holiday.

Alan Delgado: Uncle Torquil, illus Helen Collins. Uncle Torquil is determined to
buy a horse, despite the many reasons it might be a bad idea.

Primrose Cumming: Operation Acorn, illus John Board. Nathan is determined
to save Acorn from being sold at the Autumn Sale.

The Pony Club Annual 1967

Max Parrish & Co Ltd, London, 1966. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

Articles included USA Pony Clubs, Pamela Macgregor Morris on Keeping a Pony
at Grass, and Thelwell contributed cartoons. There was a short story competition.

Short stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Mock Hunt, illus Joan Wanklyn

Carol Vaughan: A Pony Like Paladin, illus Sheila Rose

Alan Delgado: Uncle Torquil Again, illus Helen Collins

The Pony Club Annual 1968

Publisher: unknown, 1967. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This annual contained much more by members of the Pony Club, with the prize
winning entries from the previous Annual’s competition, and pictures from the
painting contest.

Short stories

Patricia Jamieson (aged 12): No Pony Like Tango. The heroine rides again after
a tragic accident.

Rosalie Copner (aged 13): Just Plain Wicked. Jane’s first pony, Holly, turns out to
be a handful.

Primrose Cumming: A Matter of Background, illus Janet Johnstone. Veronica and
Harriet are embarrassed by their non-horsy parents, but they turn out to have their

Carol Vaughan: A Rider for Rocket, illus David Rook. Spoiled Felicia meets Jane. And Rocket.

The Pony Club Annual 1978

Purnell, London, 1977. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

More from Christine Bousfield on how to draw: an alphabetical guide to the Pony Club,
and the usual competitions and puzzles.

Short Stories

C W Knight: A Matter of Confidence, illus Elaine Roberts. Phil has never had the
confidence to try for his Horseman’s Badge.

J R Williams: Injustice at Long-Heath Farm, illus Carolyn Dinan. Linda makes the
decision to ride Lightning at the stables, but is he too much for her?

Susan Frances Crees (aged 13): Phantom Horse. Jane sees a ghost.

Carol Vaughan: Ambling Anna, illus Sally Bell. Anna and Carabella both go on a diet.

The Pony Club Annual 1979

Purnell, London, 1978. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

More on how to draw from Christine Bousfield; Primrose Cumming was back in the
short story fold, and Sarah Mackenzie wrote about her pony club summer.

Short Stories

Primrose Cumming: A Man’s World, illus Carolyn Dinan. A story you would think would
press the idea of girls being as good as boys, but I’m not quite sure that’s what it does.

Caroline Brown: The Hunter Trials, illus Elaine Roberts. Danny goes lame, so Cathy
rides Bristle instead.

Elizabeth Rigbey: It Takes a Thief, illus Sally Bell. A family discover their old pony might
be put down.

The Pony Club Annual 1980

Purnell, London, 1979. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

Domini Lawrence contributed an article on dressage, readers contributed poems, and
Anna Buxton wrote about Novice One Day Events. This was the last annual published
with a dustjacket.

Short Stories

Carol Vaughan: Crystal Clear, illus Sally Bell. Selsdon Glory isn’t perhaps the right
pony for a first timer.

Deborah Ghate: Fair Exchange, illus Carolyn Dinan. Helen has outgrown Brambleberry.

Denise Amos: Fergus, illus Elaine Roberts. Fergus the pony is very unimpressed with
the idea of the Pony Club rally.

The Pony Club Annual 1981

Purnell, London, 1980. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This annual had laminated pictorial boards. Christine Bousfield was still teaching you
how to draw, and readers contributed poems and limericks. A very young Nick Skelton
and Robert Smith appeared in Riders of Renown.

Short Stories

Jane Ettridge: The Rustlers, illus Elaine Roberts. Anna hopes to earn the reward on
offer for the missing show pony, and buy a pony of her own.

Caroline Brown: Christmas Incident, illus Carol Way. Susan finds a neglected pony.

Carol Vaughan: Trials and Tribulations, illus Ellen Gilbert. Janie schools horses for her
mother who are then sold, and alas, it is her beloved Gorgeous’s turn to go.

The Pony Club Annual 1982

Purnell, London, 1981. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

There was an interesting article on teaching your pony to drive in this edition. Michael
Whitaker made it into Riders of Renown, as did Ginny Holgate (Elliot)

Short Stories

Carol Vaughan: Rockabye Renegade, illus Sally Bell. Aunt Janetta buys Patsy a pony.
Mr Marston has his work cut out to sort them both out.

Hannah Halstead: The Miracle Pony, illus Christine Bousfield. Jo, who is blind, learns
to ride.

Elizabeth Farmery: Surprise, illus Elaine Roberts. Beth buys her first pony, and it’s a
bit of a battle.

The Pony Club Annual 1983

Purnell, London, 1982. Editor: Genevieve Murphy

This I think was the last annual edited by Genevieve Murphy. Josephine Pullein-Thompson
returned to the fold with a short story, and Carol Vaughan carried on being the most
stalwart short story writer. There’s a short feature on Cusop Heiress, one of Caroline
Akrill’s show ponies. There were just two stories in this annual, and the amount of pages
was cut from 76 in 1982 to 60.

Short Stories

Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Oh, Cobweb, How Could You!”, illus Christine Bousfield.
Cobweb stops jumping, but it turns out there is a valid reason!

Carol Vaughan: Highwayman’s Copse, illus Elaine Roberts. Vanessa longs to join in
with Pony Club events, but doesn’t have a pony.