Ponies, ponies, ponies


Horse & Pony Stories - a Thoroughbred Collection

Kingfisher Books, London, hb, 1992

Kingfisher Books, London, pb, 256 pp, illus Victor Ambrus


My Friend Flicka (extract): Mary O’Hara

The Wild Heart (extract): Helen Griffiths

Breed of Giants (extract): Joyce Stranger

Silver Blaze: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Black Beauty (extract): Anna Sewell

Bellerophon: L S Hyde

Horse in the House (extract): William Corbin

Banks and Morocco: Ruth Manning Sanders

The Ghost in the Top Meadow: Christine Pullein-Thompson

Strider: The Story of a Horse (extract): Leo Tolstoy

A Wayside Adventure: C S Lewis (from A Horse and His Boy)

Rescue: Walter Farley (from The Black Stallion)

The Rocking-Horse Winner: D H Lawrence

Behold, the Palio!: Marguerite Henry (from Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio)

A Man Justly Popular: R D Blackmore (from Lorna Doone)

Follyfoot (extract): Monica Dickens

“Oh Cobweb, How Could You?”: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Red Morning: Joanna Cannan (from More Ponies for Jean)

War Horse (extract): Michael Morpurgo

The Brogue: Saki

Horse and Pony Stories

Hamlyn Publishing, London, 1971, 262 pp, illus F D Phillips

Various reprints done for retail organisations such as BHS

The Battle for Blandy Common: Robert Bateman

Leave it to Lady: David Gammon

Racing Rivals: Marjorie Stace

I Wanted a Pony: Lilias Edwards

The Ghost Horse of Hidden Valley: Sheila Austin

Horse and Pony Stories

Edited by Janet Barber

Sundial Books Ltd, London, 1979, 478 pp

St Michael edition

The Forty Pound Pony: K M Peyton (from Fly-by-Night)

The Old Grey Mare: J Frank Dobie

My Friend Flicka: Mary O’ Hara

The Gipsies’ Pony: James Heriot (from All Creatures Great and Small)

Hollywood Horses: Anthony Amaral (from Movie Horses)

The Haunted Hunt: R J Richardson (from Strange Stories of the Chase)

Marengo and Copenhagen: Stella A Walker (from Horses of Renown)

Carrot for a Chestnut: Dick Francis

The Pony’s Sixth Sense: Eric Squires (from Pit Pony Heroes)

The Little Horses: Shirley Marler

The Gymkhana:Enid Bagnold (from National Velvet)

A European Title: Genevieve Murphy (from Princess Ann and Mark Phillips Talking about Horses)

The Connemara Donkey: Eleanor Farjeon (from The Little Bookroom)

The Coop: Edgar Wallace

My Early Home: Anna Sewell (from Black Beauty)

Learning to Ride: F Hodgson Burnett (from Little Lord Fauntleroy)

Bareback: Meindert DeJong (from A Horse Came Running)

Ebony Joins the Circus: Josephine Pullein-Thompson (from Black Ebony)

The Queen Meets the Lipizzaners: Alois Podhajsky (from My Dancing White Horses)

Silver Blaze: Arthur Conan Doyle

A Horribly Horsey Daughter: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Jumper: Nicholas Kalashnikoff

Jane Eyre Meets Mr Rochester: Charlotte Bronte (from Jane Eyre)

The Pony Express: Mark Twain

Follyfoot Farm: Monica Dickens (from Follyfoot Farm)

Mr Sponges’ Sporting Tour: R Surtees

Red Rum’s First National: Ivor Herbert (from Red Rum)

Sweetbriar Turns a Somersault: K M Peyton (from Flambards)

Shasta Sets out on His Travels: C S Lewis (from The Horse and His Boy)

International Show Jumping: Pat Smythe (from Jump for Joy)

Mr Winkles’ Equestrian Adventure: Charles Dickens (from The Pickwick Papers)

The Country of the Houyhnhnms: Jonathan Swift (from Gulliver’s Travels)

Operation Sippacik: Rumer Godden

The Cowboy: Vincent Paul Rennert

The Storm Breaks: Gerald Raftery (from Snow Cloud, Stallion)

Pony Stories for Girls - Edward Holmes

Young World Productions Ltd, London, 154 pp, illus Michael Whittlesea

This collection was written entirely by Edward Holmes.

Once Upon a Time There was a Pony

The Truth About the Coggledown Carnival

Magpie and the New Forest Foal

Soldier, Sailor and the Great Occasion

Frailie O’Learie and the Little Green Horse

Looking After the Old Gentleman

Who Says That They Don’t Understand?

The Battle of Bartley Heath

Maryinska and the Enchanted Prince

It’s Further on Two Legs Than on Four

The Great Trinket Kidnapping Plot

....and So the Wild Horses Had a King

The Gentling of Mab Carew

You Can Get Very Fond of a Pony Like Tipsy

Where Do All the Rosettes Go?

Pony Tales: Short Stories for Pony Mad Readers

DJ Murphy (Publishers) Ltd, 1988, 96 pp

This book is a collection of short stories written by PONY Magazine contributors. The stories I presume first appeared in the magazine.

A Little Grey Foal: Christine Pullein-Thompson

The Treasure Seeker: Antoinette Lee

Midnight Stallion: Patricia Leitch

If Wishes Were Horses: Linda Rostron

Joker’s Promise: Fliss Gillott

Saving Up: Anna Baness

The Runaway: Carol Vaughan

Good Prospects: Rosemary Simmonds

Emma: Catherine Maclean

Riding Stories

Chosen by Christine Pullein-Thompson

Kingfisher, 2005, illus Victor Ambrus, cover Dawn Austin

Originally published as Thundering Hooves, Kingfisher, 1996

Then printed as More Horse and Pony Stories, Kingfisher, 1998

The White Mustang: Edward McCourt

Golden the Beautiful: Elyne Mitchell (from The Silver Brumby)

The Firebird, the Horse of Power and the Princess Vasilissa: Arthur Ransome

National Velvet (extract): Enid Bagnold

The Broken Bridge: Reginald Ottley

A Ride with Mark: K M Peyton (from Flambards)

Strawberry’s Adventure: C S Lewis (from The Magician’s Nephew)

A Gaucho in the Pampa, A F Tschiffely

The Birth of a King: Marguerite Henry (from King of the Wind)

The Sentinel: Walter Farley (from The Black Stallion Revolts)

The Horse Fair: Daphne du Maurier (from Jamaica Inn)

The Outlaw: Sinclair Ross

Phantom Horse Comes Home (extract): Christine Pullein-Thompson

Animal Farm (extract): George Orwell

Midnight Stallion: Patricia Leitch

Snow to the Rescue: Gerald Raftery (from Snow Cloud Stallion)
A Star for a Lady: Diana Pullein-Thompson

Green Grass of Wyoming (extract): Mary O’Hara

The Midwinter Gold Cup: Dick Frances (from Nerve)

Billy Mosby’s Night Ride: Robert D San Souci

My Favourite Horse Stories - Dorian Williams

Lutterworth Books, London, 1968

Beaver Books, 1976, 158 pp

Horses and People: Monica Dickens (from Cobbler’s Dream)

The First Grand National: Con O Leary (from Grand National)

Shakespeare: Henry V, Act iii, Scene 7

IMakle Adel: van Turgenev (from A Sportsman’s Notebook)

Our Gymkhana: Susan Chitty (from My Life and Horses)

The Smuggler’s Leap: Richard Harris Barham (from The Ingoldsby Legends)

Anything Long and Sharp: Dick Francis (from Flying Finish)

A Ride at Sandown: John Hislop (from Far From a Gentleman)

The Zebras: Roy Campbell (from Adamastor)

The Old Firm: R C Lyle (from Brown Jack)

The Invasion: Leo Tolstoy (from War and Peace)

The Donkey: G K Chesterton (from The Wild Knight and Other Poems)

Point-to-Point: Dorian Williams (from Pancho)

Mr Jorrocks at Newmarket: R S Surtees (from Jorrocks’s Jaunts and Jollities)

The Haunted Hunt: R J Richardson (from The Haunted Hunt)

Classic Horse and Pony Stories

Dorling Kindersley, London, 1999

Chosen by Diana Pullein-Thompson, 96 pp, illus Neal Puddephatt

Live Cargoe: Marguerite Henry (from Misty of Chincoteague)

Born in the Wild Wind: Elyne Mitchell (from The Silver Brumby)

Pegasus: Roger Lancelyn Green

A Foal for Candy: Diana Pullein-Thompson (from A Foal for Candy)

My Breaking in: Anna Sewell (from Black Beauty)

The White Knight: Lewis Carroll (from Alice Through the Looking Glass)

The Champions: Monica Edwards

Post Time: Walter Farley (from The Black Stallion and the Girl)

My Friend Flicka: Mary O’Hara (from My Friend Flicka)

Jilll’s Gymkhana: Ruby Ferguson (from Jill’s Gymkhana)

The First Man on Mancha’s Back: A F Tschiffely (from The Tale of Two Horses)

Christine Pullein-Thompson’s Book of Pony Stories

Piccolo, London, 1975, 155 pp, illus Gareth Floyd, cover Carol Lawson

The Wild White Horses: Joyce Stranger

Sure Magic: Monica Edwards

A Matter of Background: Primrose Cumming

A Ride along the Icknield Way: Monica Dickens

The Last of the Horsemen: Reginald Ottley

Princess at the Circus: Kathleen O’Farrell

The Skeleton Rider: Christine Pullein-Thompson

The Summer Film: Selina Charlton

My Welsh Pony: Laurian Jones

Up in the Woods: Ursula Moray-Williams

Pleasant, the Farm Horse: Vian Smith

The Scavenger Hunt: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

The Puffin Book of Horse and Pony Stories

Puffin Books, 1993, hb, ed K M Peyton, illus Kay Hodges

Puffin Books, 1994, ed K M Peyton

A Pony for Jean: Joanna Cannan (from A Pony for Jean)

Silver Snaffles: Primrose Cumming (from Silver Snaffles)

Rosina Copper: Kitty Barne (from Rosina Copper)

The Black Brigade: W J Gordon

National Velvet: Enid Bagnold (from National Velvet)

Jump For Joy: Pat Smythe (from Jump for Joy)

Horse Of Air: Lucy Rees (from Horse of Air)

Another Pony for Jean: Joanna Cannan (from Another Pony for Jean)

Who Sir? Me Sir?: K M Peyton (from Who Sir? Me Sir?)

Smoky: Will James (from Smoky)

The Kingfisher Book of Horse and Pony Stories

Kingfisher, 2005, chosen by Jenny Oldfield. Front cover Richard Jones, rear Angelo Rinaldi

Reprinted in 2006, pb

The Last Round-up: Jenny Oldfield

The Rivals: Gill Harvey

A Horse Without Equal: Elizabeth Holland

A Different Kind of Pony: Matilda Webb

Madrigal’s Melody: Lois Ruby

The Car Park Pony: Judy Paterson

Little Miss Perfect and Me: Rebecca Kraft Rector

Inkblack: Rosemary Chiba

Ride Like the Wind: Pamela Kavanagh

Driving Rosie: Jenny Land

Joey’s Last Gallop: Cindy Jefferies

Red: Jenny Oldfield

The Best of Pony Club Stories

Purnell & Sons, London, 1978, 127 pp. Selected Genevieve Murphy

This collection was selected from stories which appeared in The Pony Club Annual.

No Pony Like Tango: Patricia Jamieson

A Matter of Background: Primrose Cumming

The Noble Cause, Elizabeth Rigbey

That Pony Will Have to Go: Nicola Herd

Jennifer’s Pony: Cdr H Falcon-Steward

A Promise to Dawn: Veronica Riches

A Polo Conversation: Pauline Gerrard

Double Trouble: Carol Vaughan

Doctor’s Orders: Jennifer Wharton

Chop and Change: Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Nicky Would Not Move: Alicia Moore

The Badger Brigade: Selina Charlton

Purnell’s Treasury of Horse and Pony Stories

Purnell, Maidenhead, 1978, hb, 188 pp

Written by Primrose Cumming, Dorothy Baldock and Sally Haylor

This is probably the most intriguing, and infuriating collection. None of the stories are credited to their authors (unlike the illustrations), so it is probable we will never know just which ones were by Primrose Cumming.

The Grey Mare is the Better Horse!

The Saving of the Speed Herd

Grani: the Pony of the Norsemen

Moon Maiden: a Pony in a Million

The Horse that Wanted to Change

William and Mary

The Cross-Country Run

Tony: the Movie Star

A Night Out

Little Mohee

Good-bye, Bess

The Wild One

Two of a Kind

Brunehilde: the Hanoverian

The Winged Horse of the Sky

A Drastic Remedy

Pony Parade

Christine Pullein-Thompson

Granada, 1978, pb

A collection of bits and pieces; fiction and non fiction. The stories are:

My Midnight Ride: Joanna Cannan (from A Pony for Jean)

All Hell Let Loose: Diana Pullein-Thompson (from Black Beauty’s Clan)

Pony Patrol End a Racket: Christine Pullein-Thompson

Letters to an Elder Sister: Christine Pullein-Thompson

Horse Stories That Really Happened

Chosen by Diana Kimpton

Scholastic Children’s Books, 1999, illus Eric Robson

The Taming of Bucephalus

Saving Savanna

Dancing for Their Lives


Foinavon’s National

Annie’s Story

Favourite Pony Stories


Revised edition, Octopus Books Ltd, London. 2nd imp 1989, illus Reginald Gray (line illustrations); Linda Garland (colour illustrations); cover artwork Gwyneth Jones.

The Olympics: Brian Forbes (from International Velvet)

A Coup Of The Long Lance: Jack Schaefer

In The Land Of The Houyhnhnms: Jonathan Swift (from Gulliver's Travels)

The Phantom Roundabout: Ruth Ainsworth (from The Phantom Roundabout and Other Stories)

I Can Jump Puddles: Alan Marshall (from I Can Jump Puddles)

Catch A Pony: Joanna Cannan (from They Bought Her a Pony)

The Wild White Pony: Robert Moss

Problems: K M Peyton (from Fly-By-Night)

My Friend Flicka: Mary O'Hara (from My Friend Flicka)

Quarter Horse Boy: Mary Patchett (from Quarter Horse Boy)

The Draught Horse: James Herriot (from Let Sleeping Vets Lie)

Taming The Colt: Louisa M Alcott (from Little Men)

The Black Stallion: Walter Farley (from The Black Stallion)

The Circus: Alison Uttley (from The Country Child)

The Horse And His Boy: C S Lewis (from The Horse and His Boy)

The Show: Margaret MacPherson (from Ponies For Hire)

Vronsky's Race: Leo Tolstoy (from Anna Karenina)

On Horseback: Guy de Maupassant

Bulls On The Marismas Marshes: Pat Smythe (from A Spanish Adventure)

The Chimaera: Nathaniel Hawthorne

A Job Horse And Its Drivers: Anna Sewell (from Black Beauty)

The Little White Horse: Elizabeth Goudge (from The Little White Horse)

Black Velvet: Christine Pullein-Thompson (from Black Velvet)

Proud Riders

A collection of short stories chosen by Josephine Pullein-Thompson


A review of the book

More Ponies for Jean: Joanna Cannan (from More Ponies for Jean)

Roughing It: Mark Twain

Bengal Lancer: F Yeats-Brown

Memoirs of a Fox-hunting Man: Siegfried Sassoon

John Betjeman (poem)

Sir Nigel: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Travels of Marco Polo: Marco Polo

Animal Stories: Ruth Manning-Sanders

True Stories About Horses (extract): Lilian Gask

Equestrian Courtship: Thomas Hood (poem)

A Galloway Childhood: Ian Niall

The Horse (extract): Seigfried Stander

Cowboy's Life: Anon (song)

Far Away and Long Ago: W H Hudson

Poem: A B Paterson

Sporting Print: G March-Phillips

My Story: Gordon Richards

The Worn-Out Pony: Anon (poem)

The Unvarnished West: J M Pollock

Strider (extract): Leo Tolstoy
Venus and Adonis: Shakespeare

Deadly Odds: Crime and Mystery Stories of the Turf

Includes stories by:

Dick Francis

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Nat Gould

Rudyard Kipling

Edgar Wallace

Damon Runyan

Anthony Gilbert
Ellery Queen

Michael Innes

Short Story Collections

There are a lot of collections of short stories out there. They were convenient presents for those who had a pony-mad person to buy for, but who didn’t know what they liked. The books could be got together easily if you simply went for extracts; dressing the book up further by getting a known name to do the picking for you, thereby making a sale to anyone after something by that author. Christine Pullein-Thompson and K M Peyton, amongst others, produced collections of short stories. The best tend to be those which show the personality behind the choosing. Puffin’s Short Story collection, chosen by K M Peyton, is probably the best out there, providing an insight into what K M Peyton herself liked, as well as a decent collection of stories.

The collections listed (thus far) are in alphabetical order below. Click the relevant title for more information.

The Best of Pony Club Stories

Classic Horse and Pony Stories (chosen by Diana Pullein-Thompson)

Christine Pullein-Thompson’s Book of Pony Stories

Deadly Odds: Crime and Mystery Stories of the Turf

Favourite Po ny Storiesx

Horse & Pony Stories - a Thoroughbred Collection (chosen by Christine Pullein-Thompson)

Horse and Pony Stories (ed Janet Barber)

Horse and Pony Stories

Horse Stories that Really Happened

Kingfisher Book of Horse and Pony Stories

My Favourite Horse Stories - Dorian Williams

Pony Parade

Pony Stories for Girls - Edward Holmes

Pony Tales - Short Stories for Pony Mad Readers

Proud Riders

Puffin Book of Horse and Pony Stories (ed K M Peyton)

Purnell’s Treasury of Horse and Pony Stories

Riding Stories