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Collins Magazine Annuals

Collins Magazine Annual Volume 1, 1948

Monica Edwards: The Irresponsible Rescue, illus Anne Bullen
In this short story ME tells of an exciting incident breaking into the life of a very ordinary
country family

Skeena Fraser: Kerry Joins the Rocking R, illus George Lang
‘He saw Jack slide from his saddle and on to the horns.  His heels scored two lines in
the tan, and the steer slowed and stopped’

Audrey Harvey: Hatty, illus Marcia Lane Foster 
“She was about 15, which Robert reckoned was 105 in human years; she came, the
farmer assured us, of a respected Shetland family; she looked, Neville Upshott scoffed,
a comic little bag of tricks; but solid, imperturbable Hatty had one good trick in the bag.”


Collins Magazine Annual Volume 2  1949 

Kathleen Mackenzie: Griselda, illus Artur Horowicz
The tale of how a girl and her brother catch a wild pony and break it in entirely by

Monica Edwards: Serena Bathover’s Horses,  illus Molly Wilson 
“The trouble about Serena Bathover was that she liked horses. Not only riding and
looking after them and talking to them, but drawing them.” 

Skeena Fraser: More Than a Horse, illus George Lang 

Simple Faith: Klaxon, illus ?Batchelor? 
Aloysius Knightshead has two new adventures, but he is still wondering what they were
all about.”

Helen O’Clery : The Holy Well, illus Grace Golden
The cows and the hens had been sold, and again the rent collector was on his way. 
Unless something happened that very afternoon they would have to sell the pony.”


Collins Magazine Annual Volume 3  1950 

Audrey Harvey: The Dinner Party, illus Marcia Lane Foster 

James Butler: The Eight Beautiful White Horses of Sin Yat, decorated by
Janet and Anne Johnstone 

Margaret Priestley: Hullo Stranger, illus Sheila Rose
A pony story for those who demanded it. When a country family, a girl who is afraid
of horses, and a stallion with a wicked reputation meet – what happens in the end?”


Collins Magazine Annual Volume 4 1951

Monica Edwards: Black Hunting Whip

Collins Magazine Annual Volume 5  1952

Diana Pullein-Thompson: Nearly An Expert, illus Ann Bullen
“Marjorie and Conker are ready for the Meet, smart, eager, confident. Then comes a
bitter disappointment.”

Audrey Harvey: The Competition, illus John Verney

Pamela Whitlock: Phantom and Patch, illus A G Johnstone
“A story of the golden world of the imagination.”


Collins Magazine Annual  Volume  6  1953

Dal Stivens: The Greatest Buckjumper in the World, illus T W Burnard
“The grey colt bucked so hard, he shot three of his riders right up on to a frozen cloud.
This is the tallest story you ever read.”


Collins Magazine Annual  Volume 8  1955

Eric Allen: Hobbies and Horses, illus James Hunt   


Finding the annuals: none of the annuals are particularly hard to find, but pricing is on the eccentric side, to say the least. Reasonably priced copies will generally turn up if you are prepared to wait.

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