Ponies, ponies, ponies


The Annuals 1984 - 1985

The Pony Club Annual 1984

World International Publishing Limited, 1983. Editor: Toni Webber

A new editor, format and publisher came in 1984. Stories weren’t thrown out: the annual
maintained its shorter format as just over 60 pages, but all pages were now in full colour.
The illustrations took a turn for the worse, but otherwise the actual content was not hugely
different from Genevieve Murphy’s day.

Short stories

Caroline Akrill: The Saturday Hirelings, illus Elaine Roberts. Krisia and Charlotte
decide to do some proper riding, so Charlotte hires two horses so they can go hunting.

Caroline Strickland: The Reapers, illus Ray Hutchins. A short story about a breed
which almost never features in literature - the Dales.

The Pony Club Annual 1985

World International Publishing Limited, 1984. Editor: Toni Webber

The second annual under Toni Webber’s editorship was still the mixture as before,
though with the addition of some craft makes. The quality of illustration was noticeably poor.

Short stories

Clare Bruton: Special Talent. Polly’s new pony was bound to be a good jumper, and
wasn’t that what she always wanted?

Jay Swallow: A Pony to Remember. Penny is in a wheelchair after a riding accident.
She has forgotten her old pony as a result of her injury, but Tim has a plan to remind her.