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The Annuals 1950 - 1963

These pages list each Pony Club Annual./Book. Each annual is listed, with its editor (if stated), publisher and date of publication. I have also included details of all the short stories included. I realise that many of you would prefer to have a listing by author order, and you can find this here. Details will also be included in each author’s own page, as long as they’ve written a pony book and therefore have a page!

Finding the annuals: the earlier annuals are the trickiest ones to find. The majority of early annuals are findable and generally reasonably priced. The exceptions are those that contain a Monica Edwards short story: No 6 and No. 11. Monica fans know they exist, and so they tend to fetch higher prices. The 1970s and 1980s annuals are all pretty easy to find (with the exception of the 1984 edition). Beware adverts declaring these 1970s and 1980s annuals are rare: they aren’t.

Acknowledgments: many thanks to Pam Wakelam for photos and information on the contents of the later sixties and early seventies run of annuals.

The Pony Club Annual

The Naldrett Press, 1950, editor not stated

The earliest annuals were in a smaller format than became usual in the 1970s. This one is
beautifully produced, with illustrations from the cream of pony book illustrators: Michael Lyne,
Marcia Lane Foster, Joan Wanklyn, Sheila Rose and Peter Biegel. There was only one story,
but plenty in the annual to amuse and instruct. I wonder if the latest version would include an
illustrated version of John Cowper’s The Diverting History of John Gilpin, and an illustrated
article on the development of riding dress. I suspect not. Tastes, or at least the attention
span of its teenage audience, have changed.

Short story

Pamela Whitock: The Catsmeat Pony, illus Joan Wanklyn. Ron and Marty have come
from a town and now live on Dartmoor. Marty befriends a Dartmoor pony, whom she calls
Boney, because she is, and she is always on the outside of the herd. Marty finds out the
ponies are going to be round up and sold, and she is convinced Boney will be sold for catsmeat unless she and Ron can catch her first.

The Pony Club Annual 2

The Naldrett Press, London, 1951. No editor stated.

The first annual did so well a successor was printed. There were more stories: three in this
annual, though one featured a hound rather than a pony. Major C Davenport, of the Pony
Club Organisation Committee, was instrumental in developing the Pony Club film Horse Sense,
with its characters Joan, Betty and Captain Richard Hall. The first Captain Hall story appears
in this volume; Captain Hall was to become a fixture in the Annual for the next ten years.

Short stories

Frances Pitt: Young Ranter, illus Lionel Edwards. This is the story of the hound pup Ranter,
and how he learns to hunt. If hunting is not your thing, steer clear.

Major C Davenport: A Lesson in Restraint, illus Stanley Lloyd. The first Captain Hall story -
how to restrain your pony!
Joan Wanklyn: Pony Sense, illus the author. Parsley, Sally’s much loved pony, doesn’t look much up against her friends’ ponies, but Parsley is a pony and has pony sense.

The Pony Club Annual No. 3

Naldrett & Co, London, 1952. No editor stated.

The stories were reined back to two in this edition. As in the previous two, the illustrations
are wonderful. Geoffrey Whittam and Raymond Sheppard join the roster. Cecil G Trew
wrote on the evolution of the saddle, having done articles in the two previous annuals on
how to draw. Christine Black told you how to train your dog to accompany you riding.

Short stories

Pamela MacGregor Morris: Midnight Adventure, illus Harold Beards. Donald is going to
Cornwall to spend the school holidays with his uncle - he learns to ride, and rescues hounds.

Major C Davenport: Ageing Without Tears, illus Peter Biegel (A Captain Hall Story). The
District Commissioner tells Captain Hall he has to address the Pony Club on the subject
of Ageing.

The Pony Club Annual No. 4

Naldrett & Co Ltd, London, 1953. Editor not stated, though Alan Delgado “produced”.

The mixture continued as before, though now an equine star was on the cover - Pat
Smythe. This edition upped the number of stories to four. Cecil G Trew contributed a
beautifully illustrated article on Cowboy Gear. Another charmer is the one on decorated
Farm Wagons.

Short stories

Major C Davenport: The “Won” Day Event, illus R P Kennedy. A Captain Hall Story.
Joan and Betty, having been to the Pony Club One Day Event, put on their own version.

Judith M Berrisford: Topper, illus Charlotte Hough. Topper is Jeremy’s second
pony, and he has major difficulties getting used to him.

Frances Pitt: Summer Ride, illus Raymond Sheppard. Jack and Joan go on a ride
and nature spot. Beautiful illustrations.

Mary Patchett: Tam and the Bushfire, illus Geoffrey Whittam. Tam and Ajax are
involved in an Australian bushfire.

Pony Club Annual No. 5
Naldrett & Co, London, 1954. Editor: Alan Delgado Ltd

Another star on the cover: Lt-Col H M Llewellyn on Foxhunter. Cecil G Trew contributed
another beautifully illustrated (as well as interesting) piece on the history of the bit.

Short stories
Pamela Whitlock: The Great Desire, illus George Bowe. Elizabeth wants her own pony.

Catherine Loftus: Winged Horse - the story of Pegasus.

Major C Davenport: The Good Doer, illus Geoffrey Whittam. A Captain Hall story. Joan
has outgrown her pony, and Captain Hall finds another for her: Star, from Ireland. Star is
a twin, and it turns out his brother has also been sold to England.

Pony Club Annual No. 6
Naldrett & Co, London/ The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1955. Editor: Alan Delgado

The successful mixture continued as before: this edition included a Monica Edwards
story, and the first of the Captain Hall stories illustrated by Thelwell, who became the
series’ main illustrator. Naomi Mitchison contributed a piece.

Short Stories

Monica Edwards: Sure Magic, illus Raymond Sheppard. It’s sure magic, to wish where
a foal has been born. Paul finds the place where Calluna’s foal has been born, and finds
something very unexpected indeed.

Rex Hazlewood: A Holiday Under the Sky, illus Harold Beards. Two girls and two boys
go on a camping and riding holiday - and get things wrong. There is a nice long list of
what they should have done!
Major C Davenport: A Musical Ride, illus Thelwell. The Pony Club have been asked to
do a musical ride.

Nicola Bryant (aged 15): A Brown Coat and Red Hair, illus Geoffrey Whittam. A boy fulfils his dream.

Pamela Macgregor Morris: Harkaway’s New Home, illus Harold Beards. Simon has trouble settling his pony into his new home.

Pony Club Book No. 7
Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1956. Editor: Alan Delgado

This was the first edition to change its name, as people might think the articles and stories
had appeared elsewhere, when they were all specially commissioned. This edition had a
foreword by Prince Philip, President of the BHS. Anne Bullen contributed (and illustrated)
an article on showing and competing in America.

Short Stories

Frances Pitt: Rufus the Fox, illus Lionel Edwards: a short story about a fox.

Stella Munro: Micawber and the Moonlight Capture (no illustrations - spaces provided for
the reader to supply their own!) The Albright’s pony, Micawber, decides to go off and have

Major C Davenport: The Order of the Bath, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. The Downshire Branch
go to camp.

Diana Pullein-Thompson: Looking After Jenny, illus William Stobbs. Even the best people make mistakes


Naomi Mitchison: Ian Mor and the Water Horse, illus Peggy Fortnum.

The Pony Club Book No. 8
Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1957. Editor: Alan Delgado

Diana Pullein-Thompson contributed a piece on her long distance ride on Favorita. Marcia
Lane Foster did the cover illustration, though this was actually the recycled frontispiece of
the first annual.

Short Stories

A Maple Leaf and Some Thistles: uncredited. Based in part on the film The Kid From
When Andy from Canada visits the Mackinlays in Scotland, it doesn’t work out too
well at first.

Major C Davenport: Patricia’s Picture, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. Captain Hall
cannot take the Pony Club Camp ride as he has broken his leg playing polo. A mysterious
benefactor pays for Patricia to go to camp, on the condition she writes to him about it.

Stella Munro: Moorland Magic, illus Geoffrey Whittam. Christopher and Jane acquire
another pony in very strange circumstances.

The Pony Club Book No. 9
Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1958. Editor: Alan Delgado

Sheila Wilcox and High and Mighty were on the cover. The number of stories went back to
two: Stella Munro was still writing about horses from history, and there was plenty about
hunting in this edition. Real life stories (Peter riding 150 miles to school on his pony Kim),
and setting up Pony Club magazines featured.

Short Stories

Major C Davenport: Cross Country, Speed and Endurance, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall
story. The Downshire Branch go to Badminton.

Naomi Mitchison: My Little Horse Gold, illus Joan Kiddell-Monroe. A story set in long ago

The Pony Club Book No. 10

Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1959. Editor: Alan Delgado

This was the first Pony Club annual with a cover by Thelwell. There was an article by Mrs
E H Parsons on round ups in the New Forest, as well as on a nurse on horseback in
Kentucky, and ponies in Kenya.

Short Stories

Alan Delgado: The Cart Before the Horse, illus Monica Walker. A clash of cultures: Sid
and his pony Beetle meet well off Angela in a story set in a London reliant on horse transport.
Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Vicious Circle, illus Helen Collins. Sunstar can jump
at home, but it’s a totally different matter when he’s away.
Major C Davenport: The Gate Crasher, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. Susan Carter
joins the Pony Club.

The Pony Club Book No. 11

Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1960. Editor: Alan Delgado

Another varied list of contents: the Pithead Pony Club, done absolutely on a shoe string;
the Pony Club in London (rather less so). Frances Pitt was still writing for the Annual, and
here contributed an article on her new house and its surrounding wildlife.

Short Stories

Monica Edwards: The Great Horse, illus William Stobbs. A rare historical story from
Monica Edwards, telling the story of a horse during the Civil War.

Major C Davenport: A Place in the Team, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. The
Downshire Branch enter a team in the Prince Philip Cup.

The Pony Club Book 12

William Heinemann Ltd in assn with the Naldrett Press Ltd, 1961. Ed: Alan Delgado

The cover returned to a picture of a Pony Clubber and pony (though they’d never allow
one without a hat now). Joan Wanklyn illustrated a four part article on training the young
pony, and Jill Chalcraft, a Pony Club member in the 1930s, wrote about being a Pony}
Club Mother in the 1960s.

Short stories

Pamela Whitlock: Rare Bridget, illus Margery Gill). Jane’s ambition is to race, so she
is seriously miffed to be given slow Biddy to ride.

Major C Davenport: Without a Fault, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. Iris Havknott
does not have a pony, but then her parents buy a cottage and she joins the Pony Club.

Daphne Linnell: First Hunt, illus Anne Buckmaster. A group of children go on their
first hunt.

The Pony Club Book 14

William Heinemann Ltd, 1963. Editor: Alan Delgado

Haflingers, four centuries of horse traffic, Frances Pitt visits Canada (not one word about
horses...) and a beautifully illustrated article on the Medieval knight and his horse.

Short stories:

Joan Phipson: Pensioned Off, illus Margaret Horder. Alison Marriott’s adventures on
the New South Wales sheep station where she lives.

Major C Davenport: Treasure Hunt, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. The DC
despises Treasure Hunts, but Captain Hall doesn’t agree.

The Pony Club Book 13

William Heinemann Ltd in assn with the Naldrett Press Ltd, 1962. Editor: Alan Delgado

The cover is by Thelwell. How to keep a pony in suburbia is given an airing, as well as
a debate on whether the pony is clever or clueless.

Short stories

Major C Davenport: Hard Luck Story, illus Thelwell. A Captain Hall story. The Pony
Club rally is going to be on Friday 13th...

Kathleen Mackenzie: Bogged Down, illus Helen Collins. Sally Brown feels herself
a complete outsider at Pony Club