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The Short Story Section

Short Stories

You’ll find a listing here of short stories by author. It contains authors from annuals and collections. There are an awful lot more out there in magazines like Bunty, but I’m not including them initially as they are not easy to find. I’ve stuck with things that you stand a reasonable chance of finding. The listing is alphabetical, and tells you where you can find each story.

Pony Magazine Annuals

This section contains information on all the Pony Magazine annuals I have - all there now apart from the latest printings. There’s a short history of the annual, and some information on the contents of each annual.

The Pony Club Annual and Book

There’s information in this section on all the Pony Club annuals and books, as well as an introduction to the annuals, and some information on the contents of each edition. Short stories are listed, together with a short synopsis.

Princess and Princess Tina Pony Annual

Although the Princess Tiny Pony Annual had a long run, I haven’t included exhaustive detail on these annuals as although they include short stories, the ones I’ve seen do not credit the authors. The Princess Pony Annual, on the other hand does, so that’s included here.

Riding Annuals
Riding Magazine, which started publication in 1936, saw some of the earliest stories by Primrose Cumming and illustrations by Anne Bullen. The Annual did not appear until the early 1960s, and included the occasional short story.

Follyfoot Annuals

There are stories in the Follyfoot annuals, but they’re comic strips as opposed to a short story. The Follyfoot Annual ran from 1973-1977.

Black Beauty Annuals

The Black Beauty annuals, like Follyfoot, were based on a television series.

Short Story Collections

Many pony story collections have been published over the years. This section aims to list them, together with what stories they actually contain.

Pony Short Story Listing