Ponies, ponies, ponies


The Pony Club Book again

The Pony Club Book Number 1

Threshold Books Ltd, 1985. Editor: not specified. Editorial Assistant: Suzannah Staley
Yet another new format saw the light of day. Certainly as far as content went, it was a
return to the 1950s, with articles of general horsy interest, such as The King’s Troop
Royal Horse Artillery and Horses as Actors. Joan Wanklyn returned to the fold with an
article on perspective. There were short stories too: both written by authors much
better known for other things! Elisabeth Beresford wrote the Wombles series, and
Kate Robertson the Dilbert the aeroplane books.

Short stories

Elisabeth Beresford: The Island Pony. Caroline moves from London to a small
island. Island life seems grim until she meets Ilona, who is pony-mad.

The Rag and Bone Pony: Two farm children go to stay with their uncle, who is a
Bishop in a South London diocese. They find a rag and bone pony who must be sold
because his owner is retiring.

The Pony Club Book Number 2

Threshold Books Ltd, 1988. Editor: not specified.
It took three years before another annual was published, but when it appeared, it
followed the same format as Pony Club Book 1. Reflecting changing times, this
annual had an article from Kit Houghton on photographing horses. Sylvia Loch wrote
on The Warrior Breed, and Kate Robertson contributed another story.

Short stories

Louise Johnson: Lord of the Horses (illus the author). A fantasy, in which Galaxos,
Lord of the Ice Horses, is threatened by a war lord’s desire to catch him.

Playing Hard to Get: a fictionalised diary on catching a pony who doesn’t want to be

Kate Robertson: To Catch a Thief. Saddle rustlers threaten the Pony Club’s plans
to compete.

The Pony Club Book Number 3

The Pony Club, 1995. Editor: Barbara Cooper
There was an even longer gap in publication between this annual and its predecessor:
seven years. The mixture remained as before, with a mix of factual articles, stories and
pictures. There was a lovely article on the artist and sculptor Frederic Remington, as well
as, on the lighter side, Cooking for Your Pony.

Short Stories

Louise E Johnson: The Horse from the Sea. A girl meets a horse from the sea, and
goes for a ride that at first seems wonderful.

Elisabeth Beresford: The Girl Who Didn’t Like Ponies. Bibi moves from London to
the country. She is horrified to meet horsy people, and even more horrified to be bought
a pony.

The Pony Club Annual 2009

Publisher: the Pony Club, 2009. Editor: none stated

There are no short stories at all in this new Annual. It’s really a photographic record of
the Pony Club year.