Ponies, ponies, ponies


The Princess and Princess Tina Annuals

Princess Pony Book

Fleetway Publications, London, 1962. Editor: not stated

This annual has endpapers by Thelwell, five (uncredited) colour plates,
a picture story, two poems, picture features and 15 stories.

A Penny for a Pony: Cecily Danby

The Tale of the Little Wooden Pony

The Mud Pony: Frances Olcott

The Pony Express: Mark Twain

Bargain Thoroughbred: Frances Cowen

My Very First Pony: Pat Smythe

On Best Behaviour: Cecily Danby
Mandy’s Felt Pony Club: Anne Collins

Dilbert, or How Not to Become a Horseman

Adventure Underground: Michael Bennett

Mr Pickwick as a Horseman: Charles Dickens

Modestine: R L Stevenson

The First Ride: George Borrow

The White Knight on Equitation: Lewis Carroll

Ride a Cock Horse: Cecily Danby

Princess Pony Book No 2

Fleetway Publications, London. 1963. Editor: not stated

This annual again had Thelwell endpapers. It had poems by Alfred Noyes
and Belloc, picture stories and features, and 11 stories.

First Pony
The Phantom Horseman: Verdi

Warrior’s Last Parade: Lord Mottistone

Trudie’s Pony Club: Frances Lindsay

Little Lady Liza: Sarah Flower

Jumping Round the World: Pat Smythe

Vicar of Wakefield Goes to the Fair: Oliver Goldsmith

Those Lucky Lessons: Pamela Purnell
A Spot of Mischief: Siegfried Sassoon

Black Demon: Cecily Danby

The Maltese Cat: Rudyard Kipling

Princess Pony Book No 3

Fleetway Publications, London, 1964. Editor:  not stated

This annual followed the previous format.

Me - On a Horse! (seems to be a story, but no author credited)

Poor Old Horse: Hilary Bailey

10,000 Miles in the Saddle:Tschiffely

Bucking Bryony: Molly White

Black Beauty: Anna Sewell (much abridged!)

Who Will O'er The Downs: Cecily Danby

See A Fine Lady: Cecily Danby

The Girl Who Hated Horses: Hilary Bailey

Bonny Wild Lass: Cecily Danby

As the Princess Tina Pony Book did not credit its short stories, all I am doing in this section is providing pictures of the relevant annuals.