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Carolyn Banks

Death by Dressage

Fawcett, New York, pb, 1993, 202 pp

Amber Quill Press, pb, 2004

Carolyn Banks (1941 - ) is an American author. She became known first for her short stories, particularly Growing Up Polish in Pittsburgh, and wrote her first full length novel, Mr Right, in 1979. She has competed in dressage herself, and has written a series of comic mysteries based in the dressage world. She is now involved in writing and producing short films, and in 2000 she founded Upstart, which provides “Community Access Television (BCAT) and a wide range of creative classes and events for the residents of Bastrop, Texas.”

Finding the books: appear to be still in print at the Amber Quill Press, and are obtainable as e-books too via them. The books weren’t published in the UK, but are not impossible to find.

Links and sources

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Bibliography - horse books only

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Fawcett, New York, pb, 1995

Amber Quill Press, 2005

Death on the Diagonal

Fawcett, New York, pb, 1996

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A Horse to Die For

Fawcett, New York, 1996

Amber Quill Press, 2006

Murder Well Bred

Fawcett, New York, 1995

Amber Quill Press, 2004