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Patti Brooks

Fame and Deceit

Aberdeen Bay, 2009, 290 pp.

“Ike believes in his ability to pluck a wild filly from the back woods of Maine and bring Aristooke
Annie along so she has the polish to become the next World Champion. The book is described
as a “tangle of sex, murder and blue-blooded horses.”

Patti Brooks (Patricia Reiss Brookes) writes “murder mystery novels with horses.” She started writing at the age of sixteen, when she sold her first article, and since then has produced hundreds of articles for the equine and national press, together with a column. Her first novel, Mountain Shadows, was produced in 2005. She is, it is fair to say, obsessed with Morgan horses, and she and her husband Bob have had as many as hundred on their farm. Her horse-themed mystery, Fame and Deceit, has as its hero Ike Cherney, a horse profiler.

Finding the book: still in print. Not readily available in the UK unless you go the e-book route. If you order directly from the author, you can get it signed!

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