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Janet Dailey


Little Brown, Boston, 1987, 477 pp.

Michael Joseph, London, 1987, 480 pp.

Thorndike, Large Print, 1987, 809 pp.

Sphere, London, pb, 1989, 560 pp.

Abby Lawson is a member of a wealthy Texas family. Her father breeds Arabian horses. However,
she has an illegitimate sister, Rachel, who lives in California and rarely sees her father. After the
father’s funeral, Abby finds out Rachel has inherited: she and her mother have not, and are left
with nothing but debts. The bitterness between the two girls escalates.
as the years progress.

Janet Dailey is an American author, who writes romances. Born in 1944, in Iowa, she was educated at Jefferson High School. A reader of romances, she often said she could do better than the authors she read, and her husband challenged her to prove it. She did, and published her first novel, No Quarter Asked, in 1974. She has since written over 50 novels, and met controversy when she was sued by fellow author Nora Roberts for plagiarism. Janet Dailey settled the case, claiming a psychological disorder. She has since returned to writing.

One of her books, as far as I know, involves horses: Heiress, published in 1987.

Finding the book: very easy to find.

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