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Nancy Feldman

Collective Marks

IUniverse Inc, 2006, pb, 262 pp.

Collective Marks on Ponydom

Annie Trowbridge is a social worker, who is trying to help 18 year old Michael Ross - not with
total success. Michael is fascinated with horses, and she makes a last effort to help him by
finding him work on a horse farm. The trainer is unsympathetic, and Michael is volatile and
defensive. The book is set in the early 1960s, a time when dressage, the book’s main discipline,
was not yet widely taken up in America.

American author Nancy Feldman has ridden all her life; is a Registered Dressage Judge and the District Commissioner of two Pony Clubs. Before she retired, she worked as a social worker. As a child, she was an avid reader, but she never hankered after writing a novel herself. Once her children had grown up and moved away, she started to think of writing a story, composing much of it while riding or working with her horses. It was not until after she completed Collective Marks that she took a creative writing course. She said:

“I began to ruminate on human and animal behavior and the ways in which they communicated with their own kind and with each other. I decided to write it as a test, to see if I could write a novel I would like to have read that gave a true picture of both the hard work and the joys and sorrows of living with and around horses. I used only my own experience and my imagination as a guide, and until it was finished, not even my husband knew I was writing it."

She lives in Maryland with her husband and their animals.

Finding the book: the book appears to be still in print both in the UK and USA.

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