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Nat Gould

Nat Gould (Nathaniel Gould, 1857-1919) was one of the most prolific, if not the most prolific, equine authors. Born in Manchester, he worked as a journalist on the Newark Advertiser, and in 1884 left for Australia. There he worked for the Australian press, and married. He moved to the Sydney Referee, and was made chief racing correspondent, under the pseudonym Verax. After he resigned from the paper because of a quarrel, he joined the Bathurst Times. He was commissioned to write a racing serial, which was published in novel form as The Double Event in 1881. Its publication at the time of the Melbourne Cup, Gould thought, contributed to its massive success. After writing more novels, he returned to England with his family in 1895, and continued to write at a quite phenomenal rate of around four books a year. By the time of his death in 1919 he had published around 130 racing novels, with a further 22 awaiting publication.

Nat Gould’s novels remained in print long after his death, and some are still in print now. Many appeared as “yellow backs”, and the young Josphine Pullein-Thompson devoured these.

Finding the books: many are now being republished by the British Library digitisation project. First editions in dustjackets may well prove very expensive.

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The excellent Nat Gould website is comfortingly scholarly, and very well worth a look.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - Frederick Page, revised Clare Taylor

Bibliography - horse books only

Written and published in Australia

The Double Event, 1891

Jockey Jack, 1892

Running It Off, 1892

Banker and Broker, 1893

Harry Dale’s Jockey “Wild Rose” - her Life and Adventures, 1893

Thrown Away, 1894

Stuck Up, 1894

On and Off the Turf in Australia, 1895

Only a Commoner, 1895

Written and published in England

The Doctor’s Double: An Anglo-Australian Sensation, 1896

The Magpie Jacket: A Tale of the Turf, 1896

The Miner’s Cup: A Collgardie Romance, 1896

Town and Bush: Stray Notes on Australia, 1896

Who Did It? 1896

Horse or Blacksmith? 1897

A Lad of Mettle, 1897

Not So Bad After All, 1897

Seeing Him Through: A Racing Story, 1897

Golden Ruin, 1898

The Famous Match, 1898

Gentleman Rider: A Tale of the Grand National, 1898

The Dark Horse, 1899

Landed at Last, 1899

The Old Mare’s Foal, 1899

The Pace that Kills, 1899

Racecourse and Battlefield, 1899

A Dead Certainty, 1900

A Rank Outsider, 1900

His Last Plunge, a Tale, 1900?

The Roar of the Ring, 1900

Settling Day, 1900

Sporting Sketches, 1900

A Racecourse Tragedy, 1901

Warned Off, 1901?

Broken Down, 1902

In Royal Colours, 1902

King of the Ranges: A Blend of Fact and Fiction, 1902

Life’s Web, 1902

A Racing Sinner, 1902

In Low Water, 1903

The Boy in Green, 1903

Blue Cap, 1903

Raymond’s Ride, 1903

The Silken Rein, 1903

The Three Wagers, 1903

Bred in the Bush. 1904

The Gold Whip, 1904

The Second String, 1904

The Rajah’s Racer, 1905

The Story of Black Bess, as Told by her Owner, 1905

One of a Mob, 1905

The Selling Plater, 1905

A Hundred to One Chance, 1906

The Lady Trainer, 1906

A Sporting Squatter, 1906

A Straight Goer, 1906

Charger and Chaser, 1907

The Head Lad, 1907

The Little Wonder, 1907

The Dapple Grey, 1908

The Top Weight, 1908

Whirlwind’s Year, 1908

The Buckjumper, 1909

The Jockey’s Revenge, 1909

The Magic of Sport, 1909

The Reckless Owner, 1909

The Stolen Racer, 1909

The Chance of a Lifetime, 1909

A Great Coup, 1910

The Lucky Shoe, 1910

The Roarer, 1910

The King’s Favourite, 1910

The Cast Off, 1911

Good at the Game, 1912

A Member of Tatt’s, 1912

A Fortune at Stake, 1913

The Trainer’s Treasure, 1913

A Gamble for Love, 1914

Never in Doubt, 1915

The Wizard of the Turf, 1915

Breaking the Record, 1916

Lost and Won: A Tale of Sport and War, 1916

A Turf Conspiracy, 1916

A Northern Crack, 1917

The Rider in Khaki, 1917

The Smasher, 1917

Fast as the Wind, 1918

A Race for a Wife, 1918

The Steeplechaser, 1918

Won on the Post, 1918

Odds On, 1918?

Published after his death

At Starting Price, 1920

A Chestnut Champion, 1920

Racing Rivals, 1920

The Rake, 1920

The Silver Star, 1920

The Sweep Winner, 1920

The Blue Ribbon, 1921

The Demon Wins, 1931

A Derby Winner, 1921

In the Paddock, 1921

A Long Shot, 1921

The Man From Newmarket, 1921

A Stable Mystery, and Other Stories, 1921

A Bad Start, 1922

A Dangerous Stable, 1922

A Great Surprise, 1922

Sold for a Song, 1922

Beating the Favourite, 1923

A Brilliant Season, 1923

The Challenge, 1924

First in the Field, 1924

Riding to Orders, 1924

The Major’s Mascot, 1926

The Racing Adventures of Barry Bromley, 1927

The Exploits of a a Race-course Detective, 1927

Trainer’s Tales, 1927

Written by Nat Gould Jnr (Sidney Nathaniel Gould)

Sable Star, 1937


The Sporting Annual for Sportsmen and Sportswomen at Home and Abroad No 1, 1900

The Runaways, 1903

The Outcast, 1904

A Bit of a Rogue,1905

The Pet of the Public, 1906

A Stroke of Luck, 1907

A Bird in Hand, 1908

The Pick of the Stable, 1909

Queen of the Turf, 1910

The Phantom Horse, 1911

Left in the Lurch, 1912

The Best of the Season, 1913

The Flyer, 1914

The White Arab, 1915