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I have struggled trying to find a name for this part of the site: Adult Pony Books and Adult Horse Books sound well... as if they might supply you with something else entirely. Why is it that “Adult” + whatever sort of literature imply something Jordan might have written on a raunchier day? At least it does if you have a mind limping along in the gutter, which mine unfortunately is.

This section of the site will deal with books aimed at a readership who may feel they’ve outgrown pony books, or who just want to read a book aimed at someone older for a change, but which has a horse or two in there somewhere. Ponydom and Ponymadbooklovers have trodden this ground before me, but here I am now, following in the rear.

There is a surprisingly large amount of literature out there with at least a horsey background, and if racing is your thing; there is masses of the stuff. This part of my site is, as you will very soon see, a work in progress. Whatever information you can provide will be fallen on with huge gratitude by me. If you can help with photographs, biographical or bibliographical information, please contact me.

There are some useful articles and sites with plenty of further information:

Racing literature

Hunting literature

Ponymadbooklovers -another site tackling the adult horse book, with a useful listing of lots of adult authors.

Many thanks to Susan Bourgeau, Hannah Fleetwood, Jane Pitman, Debbie Patrick and Barb McLintock for all their help.

Horse books you can read on the tube without feeling embarrassed

Children’s authors with adult books to their name, and/or are already on the site:

Leigh Brown

George Agnew Chamberlain

Susan Chitty

Rumer Godden

Eric Hatch

Will James

Rudyard Kipling

Jane McIlvaine

Michael Maguire

Elyne Mitchell
K M Peyton
Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Siegfreid Sander

Joyce Stranger

Judith Tarr/Caitlin Brennan

Dorian Williams