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Christina Jones

Christina Jones was born in Oxford, and grew up in Berkshire. Her full time writing career has taken her a little time to achieve: she has done 27 jobs, and has been sacked from 19 of them because she was writing rather than working. Her first short story was published when she was 14, and her romance Dancing in the Moonlight was published in serial form. At the Romantic Novelists’ Association lunch in 1995, she was approached by an agent who suggested she try a full length novel. Going the Distance was the result. She writes what she describes as “bucolic frolic romantic comedy novels”. Her grandfather was a jockey, which provided the horsey background for three of her novels, Going the Distance and Jumping to Conclusions.

Finding the books: still in print, and easy to find.

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Going the Distance

London, Orion, 1997, 309 pp.

Maddy Beckett lives in Milton St John, where there are more horses and horse people than
anything else. She is running her own business, and has recovered form a disastrous relationship.
Then she meets Drew Fitzgerald, and everything is going swimmingly there until his cool and
elegant wife appears.

Bibliography - horse books only

Jumping to Conclusions

HarperCollins, London, 1999, 502 pp.

This carries on the story of the characters of Going the Distance:  Jemima hates horses. She
opens a local bookshop and becomes involved in various village huhas. There are plenty of
jockeys about, who attempt to alter her view on racing.

Dancing in the Moonlight

London, Orion, 1997, 309 pp.

A novella:  Kit and Rosa’s romance is set against a background of racing.