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Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Gin and Murder

Hammond, Hammond & Co, London, 1959, 190 pp.

Linford Large Print, 1990

Greyladies Press, Edinburgh, 2014


They Died in the Spring

Hammond, Hammond & Co, London,1960, 191 pp.

Ulverscroft Foundation, 1990, large print

Murder Strikes Pink

Hammond, Hammond & Co, London, 1963, 187 pp.

Linford Large Print, 1990

Josephine Pullein-Thompson (1924 - 2014 wrote a few adult novels. The are all detective fiction, into which field she followed her mother, Joanna Cannan, who also wrote several detective novels as well as pony books. She also wrote one book under the name Josephine Mann. There is much more information about Josephine Pullein-Thompson, and her life and works, here.

Finding the books: tricky, and expensive, to find as first editions. As large print editions, they are much more common. The books are now being republished by Greyladies Press.

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Josephine Pullein-Thompson

Bibliography - horse books only

As Josephine Mann

A Place with Two Faces

Lion Library, London, 1972, 159 pp.

Coronet, London,1972, pb, 159 pp.