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Catherine Carey

Pink Pony

Lutterworth Press, Guildford, 1969, 125 pp. (Crown Pony no. 12)

October has outgrown her first pony, Pebbles.  Instead of a sensible next pony, she chooses the one
year old filly she calls Southern Cross.  Cross’ training is covered from that point on.  After the filly has been
backed, and before she can enter the County Show in-hand championship, she has a terrible accident
with a lorry.  Cross’s legs, though badly injured, do not scar, and she is able to take part in the show.

Grey Arrow
Crown Pony (No 10), 1967

Crown Pony, 1975, pb

Melanie buys Grey Arrow, but cannot control her.  She is helped (extremely reluctantly at first)
by Philip.  He is a tad stern, and at one point spanks Melanie.  She puts a thistle under his
saddle, so you could say the two deserve each other.  There is the start of a romance
between them despite the unpromising start.

The Nameless Pony
Crown Pony (No 17), 1972

Spoilt, unhorsy Shelley is sent off to her cousins in Northumbria for the holidays, as her aunt thinks
she’s too serious.  There’s the long-lost Shelton treasure to find, and Shelley’s cousin Gae’s
education to sort out, all of which happens while Shelley learns to ride with incredible speed.  As a
reward for finding the treasure, she’s given the pony on which she learens to ride.

Showjumping Summer

Lutterworth Press, Guildford, 1969

Lutterworth Press, 1967

Melrose Trelawny is supposed to be a junior showjumping star, but she hates the
relentless grind (and her bullying father and aunt help not one jot).  As she makes
the transition to Young Rider classes, she finds a friend and slowly learns to assert
herself with the family.  She also finds the beginning of romance with a fellow rider.

Because of a Pony

Lutterworth, 1971

This is a book which can’t quite make up its mind whether it’s an adventure story or
a pony story, and unfortunately it succeeds as neither.  Jessamy and her friend Linnet
are desperate for adventure, which eventually comes as Jessamy manages to remember
where a hidden will might be found.  There is a Hunter Trial tacked on to the action, but
that is about it for pony content.