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Ginny Elliot

High Hurdle

Collins, 1997

Character list

Many thanks to Dawn Harrison for the picture.

Set in America; Becky is off to the States to go to Ned’s glamorous wedding, and while she’s there,
decides to train a horse for the Hunt Club. The racing world in America is just as prone to deceit and
sabotage as the English one she’s just left, and Becky’s detective skills are put to work again.

Race Against Time

Collins, 1996

Character list

A blackmail plot is affecting all the surrounding yards, with a lethal equine virus being circulated.  Even
Red Rag is threatened, as well as the new rising star of the yard. Becky needs to stop it, soon.


Collins, 1995

Character list

Becky is determined to be a top trainer.  The new chestnut steeplechaser, Red Rag, Becky thinks can be
a champion, and his career gets off to a flying start.  Beside like the horse, Becky is quite keen on his
jockey, Jamie Howland, too.  Someone is out to nobble Red Rag:  Becky works out how they’re doing it
but who and why isn’t so clear.

To the left:  some of Ginny’s non-fiction works.  Many thanks to Hannah Fleetwood for the pictures.

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