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The Brazen Horse

Stabenfeldt, 2005

“When Paula’s mare is attacked, she wonders if she’ll ever have the heart to ride again. Then along comes Jazz,
an unruly, unschooled but very talented young horse. Paula falls in love, and is determined to ride Jazz, but their f
irst event is a fiasco. Only Tony seems to enjoy her failure – he’s jealous of Jazz’s talent.”

The Green Horse Hotel

Stabenfeldt, 2001, 149 pp.

Jenna can hear a clatter of hooves coming from the cobblestones of her parents’ new hotel, but there is no
horse for miles around.  

The Green Horse Series

Green Horse Winter (2004)

The Green Horse Hotel (2001)

The Green Horse Summer (2006)

The Green Horse Summer

Stabenfeldt, 2006

“A mysterious horse head seems to be floating in the bay at low tide.  A painting in Jenna’s room at her family’s
hotel invokes wild dreams, of shipwrecks, a wailing woman and….an underwater horse! When Jenna discovers the
horse in the bay, she knows there’s a connection - especially when she learns she’s not the first to have seen it.

What is the mystery surrounding the horse, how is it connected to the Green Horse Hotel - and how will Jenna
avoid treacherous tides and quicksand to find out?”

Green Horse Winter

Stabenfeldt, 2004, 149 pp.

Jennand her family at The Green Horse Hotel are busy preparing for a Mystery Weekend.  The weekend starts
successfully, but then mysterious things start to happen; things that weren’t planned at all.