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Cecil G Trew

Asido, the story of a Mexican Pony

Eyre & Spottiswoode, London, 1935, 139 pp.  Illus the author.

Scribners, New York, 1935

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The Accoutrements of the Riding Horse

Seeley Service, 1951

Ten Little Nigger Boys

Basil Blackwell, 1931

Bad Rhymes about Good Animals

R Tuck, 1933

Drawing at Home

A & C Black, 1939

Drawing Out of Doors

A & C Black, 1950

Drawing Self-Taught

A & C Black, 1957

Drawing Without a Master
A & C Black, 1936

Elementary Drawing in Pencil and Pen-and-Ink

A & C Black, 1952

Figure & Animal Drawing

A & C Blackl, 1938

From Dawn to Eclipse: the Story of the Horse

Methuen, 1939

Re-issued and re-written as: The Horse Through the Ages

Methuen, 1953

Hints for Artists

A & C Black, 1940

Introduction to Bird Watching

Seeley Service, 1956

Moki, Son of the Desert
Constable, 1936

A Pond in Your Garden

Seeley Service, 1952

Questions Answered About the Human Body
Jordan & Sons, 1948

Questions Answered About Wild Flowers
Jordan & Sons, 1949

Questions Answered on How to Draw
Jordan & Sons, 1950

The Story of the Dog

Methuen, 1940

Wild Horse of the West

Methuen & Co, London, 1937, 159 pp.  Illus the author.

Reprinted Methuen, 1958, Venture Library No