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K F Barker

Traveller’s Joy:  Gentleman and Puller

Country Life, London, 1934, 164pp


Just Dogs
Country Life, 1933

Bellman Carries On
A & C Black, 1933

Bellman the story of a Beagle
Country Life, 1933

Country Life, 1935

Champion, the Story of a Bull Terrier
Country Life, 1936

Just Pups - Sketches in Pen and Pencil
Country Life, 1937

Dog Days
William Heinemann, 1938

Nothing but Dogs
A & C Black, 1938

Rogues’ Gallery
William Heinemann, 1939

The Young Entry: Fox-Hunting, Beagling and Otter-Hunting for Beginners
Adam & Charles Black, 1939.

The January Tortoise
George G Harrap & Sons, 1954

The Mole Who Was Different
George G Harrap & Sons, 1955

The Wood by the Water
George G Harrap & Sons, 1957

There are Tigers About
George G Harrap, 1958

Me and My Dog: The Pedigree Boxer and the Alley Kitten
Country Life, 1961

Illustrated by:

M E Buckingham: Phari
Country Life, 1933

M E Buckingham: Zong, a Hill Pony
Country Life, 1934

Gordon Grand: The Silver Horn - Sporting Tales
Country Life, 1934

Enriquez: Khyberie
Country Life, 1934

Frediswid Sturges: Dowsha, the Story of a Donkey
A & C Black, 1935

Anna Sewell: Black Beauty
A & C Black, 1936

Angela Jeans: Harry the Peke
A & C Black, 1936

Alfred Ollivant: Owd Bob
William Heinemann, 1937

G B Stern: The Ugly Dachshund
Cassell & Co, 1938

G West: Us Dogs
Country Life, 1938

Enriquez: Khyberie in Burma
Country Life, 1939

Reginald Harrison Smythe: The Mind of the Dog
Country Life, 1958

Reginald Harrison Smythe: How Animals Talk
Country Life, 1959

Rosemary Weir: A Dog of Your Own
George G Harrap, 1960

Twenty Animal Stories
A & C Black, 1949 - Bellman

Nothing but Horses - a Series of Essays on Horses and Their Ways

 - a Horse Lover’s Sketch Book

Adam & Charles Black, London, 1938, illus the author, 150 pp.

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Non Fiction


Tradesmen’s Horses

Twenty More Animals Stories, A & C Black Ltd, London, 1941

(Also several extracts from the Bellman the Beagle books)