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British author Sylvia Green was an early starter: she wrote a play for her Girl Guides pack, and two editions of a newspaper. She started writing in earnest when her children were small and she was working from home as a book keeper. Her first book was the splendidly titled A Parsnip Called Val (1997), which was inspired by a Tesco till receipt. Since then she’s written many books aimed at the younger reader, amongst which are two equine stories: The Christmas Pony and The Christmas Wish. These form part of a Christmas-themed series, which combines the themes of rChristmas, and escuing and caring for animals.

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Sylvia Green

The Christmas Pony

Scholastic, London, 2001, 128 pp, illus Mike Rowe

Reissued as: The Best Christmas Ever: The Christmas Pony (contains two stories, one about a cat)

Scholastic, London, 2003, 244 pp.

Mr Crumbs the pony loves carrots. But he’s expensive to keep. Laura and Ben’s Dad certainly
thinks so. So Laura and Ben and their friends have to find the money to keep him if they want to
stop the pony being sent away. They’ve got until Christmas for Operation Christmas Pony to

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The Christmas Wish

Scholastic, London, 2004

Galaxy, Bath, 2007, large print edition

Erin’s parents run an animal sanctuary, and they have a new animal refugee: Benedict the
donkey. Benedict doesn’t seem to want to settle at the shelter, but soon Erin has more to worry
about when it seems that the sanctuary’s existence is under threat. Erin also has Christmas
and the school nativity play to think about - Benedict of course is just right for the nativity - can
he help them to save the sanctuary?