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Bruce Grant

Bruce Grant (1893 - 1977) was born in Texas, and is best known today for his expertise in leather braiding. His books on the subject, including The Encyclopaedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding (1972) and How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear, are still in print. He also specialised in the history of the cowboy, and wrote The Cowboy Encyclopaedia, again still in print. He also wrote children’s books, many of which were set in Texas, featuring the Western world he loved. At least three of his books count as horse stories: Leopard Horse Canyon, Cyclone and Ride, Gaucho.

Finding the books: neither Leopard nor Cyclone are particularly common, but they are not generally expensive. Ride Gaucho is more expensive, but again not impossible to find.

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A little on Bruce Grant the braider

Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.

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Bibliography - horse books only

Leopard Horse Canyon

World Publishing, Cleveland, 1957

Ted sees a spotted colt running with the cattle, and wonders just what a Palousey horse is doing
in Texas.


World Publishing, Cleveland, 1959, illus Robert Frankenberg

Ward has a pinto mule, Cyclone, which becomes very attached to the mare Bluebonnet, who
belongs to Captain Marcy. Ward and Cyclone are allowed to accompany Marcy and Bluebonnet
on the wagon train west through Texas.

Ride, Gaucho

World Publishing, Cleveland, 1969, 159 pp, illus Sam Savitt