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Ruth Adams Knight and Claud W Garner

Ruth Adams Knight (1898 - ?) created the soap opera, Brave Tomorrow, which ran from 1939-1940, and wrote about her experiences as a woman in radio in Stand by for the Ladies! The Distaff Side of Radio in 1939. She wrote several books about dogs, though dogs were not her only animal interest. She, with Claud W Garner, was also responsible for Word of Honor, a horse story set in post-depression Kentucky.

Finding the book: the book is findable in the USA. It was not published in the UK.

Links and sources

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Wikipedia on early radio soaps

Many thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.

Word of Honor

Ariel Books, New York, 1964, 250 pp

Set in post-depression Kentucky, Rusty is left to cope with the upkeep of Matten Acres. He
dreams of raising Thoroughbreds, but he decides instead to go into livery and rent the pastures.

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