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Lynne Baber

He Came Looking for Me

Tate Publishing, 2011, 208 pp

A modern Black Beauty story, Shiner tells his story, after he was rescued from slaughter. Here’s
what the author says: “The number of abandoned and unwanted horses is rapidly expanding in the
United States. Many of these are bound for slaughter across the border in Mexico. Let Shiner tell
you how that feels. Perhaps you already know because of your own circumstances.  But fear not...
The central scripture for He Came Looking for Me is John 14:2, the mansion Jesus promised each
 of us in heaven. Both Shiner and I can assure you that when you are most in need, He will come
 looking for you.”

Lynne Baber is a Christian writer who covers faith, family, animals, politics, and society. She runs the Amazing Grays Ministry – sharing faith, sometimes accompanied by a horse... She has now retired as an equine professional, but in 1999 she and her husband began breeding high-end reining and cutting Quarter Horses. She retired in 2007, by which time she was a World and National Champion breeder and trainer.

Her books combine her Christian faith and horses. He Came Looking for Me is a true story; her Amazing Grays, Amazing Grace, is non-fiction.

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