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Linda Benson

Books were important to author Linda Benson when she was growing up. She read everything she could get hold of, but particularly horse books. Marguerite Henry, Walter Farley; horse books from the library - she read the lot. She’s always been surrounded by animals, and they’ve stayed around in her stories too. She writes for children and young adults, and two of her books concentrate on horses. The most unusual of them is her dystopian YA romance, The Girl Who Remembered Horses, in which a blasted America has forgotten much it ever knew, including the part horses played in humans’ lives. This story sees humanity and horses start to meet again.

Finding the books: The Girl Who Remembered Horses is still in print, and available as an ebook. The Horse Jar is a bit trickier to find.

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Linda Benson’s website

The Horse Jar

Mondo Publishing, 2009

Annie Mitchell has one of those jars you use to save money in. Some people use them for shoes,
Annie uses hers to save for a horse. It’s the one thing she’s always wanted. But it is hard work;
really hard work, to save for a horse. And Annie still has to convince her parents that she can take
care of a horse if she does get one. Just when it looks as if she’ll finally get what she wants, she
faces the most difficult decision of her life.

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The Girl Who Remembered Horses

Musa Publishing, 2012

My review of the book

Set in post-Apocalyptic America, it’s a world where people must scavenge to survive. Much has been

forgotten, and one thing that’s only still alive in a few people’s memories is horses, and the part they
played in human life. There’s no means of transport now other than dogs, who can only pull small
loads, or just walking. Sahara dreams about these mysterious beings, and one day, sees a herd of
them go by. Her people are conflicted: those horses represent food. Sahara’s not so sure. What if
the horses mean much more?