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When Kathryn Cocquyt was a child, she would look up at the sky and wish for a horse. When she’d been married two years, her husband bought her a horse. After working as an editor at MI Publishing, she went to Silver Fox Racing Stables to work with horses full time. She and her husband began breeding Thoroughbred horses in 1986, and bred Rue Royale, who was the real Little Freddie.

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Pelican Publishing on Kathryn Cocquyt

Kathryn Cocquyt

Little Freddie at the Kentucky Derby

Pelican Pub Co, Gretna, 125 pp, illus Sylvia Corbett

Little Freddie is a foal with big dreams. He wants to win the Kentucky Derby, so that he can be
the greatest racehorse in the world. He learns that in order to win the race, he needs more than
speed, a good jockey, and good training. He needs something from inside him to get to
Churchill Downs and have a chance. The story follows Little Freddie from his first days in the
pasture, through the triumphs and the failures as he makes his way to the Kentucky Derby.

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Little Freddie’s Legacy
Pelican Pub Co, Gretna, 152 pp, illus Sylvia Corbett

Little Freddie returns home after running in the Kentucky Derby, and falls in love with a beautiful
blind mare named Rosie. Together they have a filly named Baroness, destined to be a great
racehorse. When she fails to impress a buyer at the Keeneland auction, she loses her
confidence. She is bought by a young girl, and taken to Ireland, to be trained for Ireland’s
biggest race, The Oaks. The journey is filled with many set-backs, and Baroness learns that
the price of being a legacy is far greater than just living up to a name.