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Arthur Gladd

Arthur Anthony Gladd (1913 - ?) has written two historical novels: Galleys East!, in which a sponge fisherman fights at the Battle of Lepanto, and The Saracen Steed, set in eighth century France.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find in both its American and British printings.

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The Saracen Steed

Dodd, Mead, New York, 1960, 240 pp, illus Leonard Vosburgh

Thomas Nelson, London, 1961

An historical story: Hugh and his family farm in a little French town in 720 AD. The Saracens
were trying to take over France. Hugh comes across a riderless Saracen charger, and takes
it to the local Abbey, where it is stabled and Hugh is allowed to look after it. Euric from the castle
demands the horse for himself. The horse is not impressed by spoiled Euric, and Hugh continues
to look after it. The horse escapes, and Hugh is taken prisoner by the Saracens. At their camp he
is re-united with the horse. They make a daring escape to warn Tours that the Saracens are on
their way.

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