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Jady and the General

Macmillan, Toronto, 1955, 242 pp, illus Murray Smith

Macmillan, Toronto, 1966, 242 pp, illus Murray Smith

Jady lives on a peach farm in Niagara, Canada. He dreams of having a horse of his own, and
becomes friends with an American boy who invites him to his Vermont home. The Vermont
home turns out to be a horse farm which raises Morgans. Jady rides a horse called Firebird
while he’s there, and when he’s given the horse, renames him The General, an appropriately
Canadian name; but whatever he’s called, he’s a fine horse to have adventures on.

Lyn Cook is a Canadian author who has written numerous children’s books. One, Jady and the General, has some horse content. She has worked as a drama teacher, scriptwriter, narrator, and a director for the CBC. She was the first children's librarian in Sudbury.

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