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Pride of the Green Mountains : the story of a trusty Morgan horse and the girl
who turns to him for help

Ertl Co, Iowa, 1996, 122 pp, illus Sandy Rabinowitz

The blurb

With her father away fighting in the Civil War and her mother struggling to keep their Vermont
dairy farm despite increasingly hard times, ten-year-old Rosalie tries to come up with a plan
that will save their home without selling her beloved Morgan horse, Major.

Carin Greenberg Baker has written several children’s series: she’s written on karate (the Karate Club series), teenage romance, (Last Summer, First Love), and amongst it all, one horse book. This is part of the Treasured Horses series, to which she’s contributed Pride of the Green Mountains, which features a Morgan horse. She now works in television and has produced Discovery Kids and Growing up Creepie.

Finding the book: easy to find.

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