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Stephen Bly (1944 - 2011) was an amazingly prolific author of Christian genre fiction. His speciality was Western fiction, for which he won the Christy award 2002 for excellence in Christian Western novels. I have struggled rather finding out which of his oeuvre is specifically horsey: if you like Westerns, then that’s pretty nearly all, but I don’t generally include Westerns on this site, so have gone instead for the Horse Dreams series (little to argue with there), and a few of his children’s books. If you are more familiar with the books than me, and can help with what’s horse and what’s not, do please get in touch.

Finding the books: most appear to be available on Kindle, or directly from the authors’ site. The exception is the Crystal books, which are now out of print, though perfectly easy to find in the USA.

Links and sources

Stephen and Janet Bly’s website

Bibliography - horse books only

Crystal's Perilous Ride

Chariot Books, Illinois, 1986, 138 pp

The blurb:

Fourteen-year-old Crystal and her friend Megan accompany Crystal's father to Idaho and find
themselves investigating a series of strange occurrences in the town involving a gang posing
as the community's leading citizens.

Crystal's Grand Entry

Chariot Books, Illinois, 1986, 155 pp

The blurb:

When her horse is stolen just before the state high school rodeo finals in Idaho, Crystal, her sister,
and friends conduct a search which brings them into contact with terrorists.

Crystal’s Rodeo Debut

Chariot Family Publishers, 1986

Crystal tries out for the school rodeo team.

Dangerous Ride across Humboldt Flats

Crossway Books, Wheaton, Ill, 2003, 127 pp.

The blurb:

Wandering aimlessly on the dangerous high desert of Nevada Territory in 1860, a fourteen-year-old
orphan boy finds shelter, food, and a Christian family at the Pony Express station run by the

Wish I'd Known You Tears Ago
Broadman & Holman, Nashville, Tenn, 2006, 344 pp.

Develyn’s learned to ride, and is reconciled with her daughter, so what lies ahead now?

The Mustang Breaker

Broadman & Holman, Nashville, Tenn, 2006, 347 pp.

“Are all your dreams about horses?” Casey asked. “Only the good ones,” said Devy.

Memories of a Dirt Road Town

Broadman & Holman, Nashville, Tenn, 2005, 277 pp.

Everything’s going wrong for teacher Develyn Worrell: she was supposed to be having a summer
of reconciliation with her daughter, but she blames Develyn for the sudden death of Develyn’s
ex-husband. Develyn tries to find succour in a Wyoming ranch, and she finds healing through a
paint mare, and the people of a dirt road town in central Wyoming.

Stephen and Janet Bly

The Horse Dreams

Memories of a Dirt Road Town

The Mustang Breaker

I Wish I’d Known You Tears Ago


Crystal’s Perilous Ride

 Crystal’s Blizzard Trek

Crystal’s Grand Entry

Crystal’s Milltown Mystery

Crystal’s Rodeo Debut

Crystal’s Solid Gold Discovery