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Alea Bushardt is a young American author who wrote her first book at the age of seventeen. She has two quarter horses herself, and wanted to share her love of horses and reading. Her first two books are Cloud Filly (2006) and Sky Stallion (2007).

Finding the books: easy to find, and available as print-on-demand.

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Cloud Filly

Trafford Publishing, 2006, illus Jeanne Mellin

Drake and his sister Nellie arrive in a strange land, which they find is inhabited by unicorns.
Drake forms a special bond with a filly, Cloudberry, and together the two hope to race, and
win. Their dream is threatened by Cloudberry’s brother, who seems to think she is responsible
for all the ills that afflict him.

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Sky Stallion

Trafford Publishing, 2007, illus Jeanne Mellin

It’s Nellie’s turn to find a unicorn that matters here: she befriends Nightcloud, who appears
unpredictable, and evil. Nellie however is able to see beneath the evil facade to the decent
creature that lies beneath.

Alea Bushardt