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Midnight Magic

IUniverse, United States, 2011, 242 pp.

Mattie is 14, and obsessed by horses. One day she finds a painting of a black horse in her

grandmother’s attic, and it seems to be coming to live. The painting has a history, which Mattie
is about to unearth. One night Mattie sets out into the forest, where she meets a wild horse who
looks a lot like the one in the picture. They click, but Mattie knows she must not tell anyone about
the horse. As Mattie’s bond with the horse deepens, the painting’s spirit seems to gather strength
too - Mattie starts to worry.

Nancy di Fabbio has spent over 30 years running the full gamut of bridezilladom as a wedding dress designer. Dresses are not the only thing in her life: a horse mad child herself, her daughter caught the bug. Nancy encouraged her; and joined in. She now has four horses of her own. She’s written a book on finding the perfect wedding dress without losing your sanity (or destroying it in those around you), a similar guide to rookie horse owning, and one work of horse fiction: Midnight Magic.

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