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Gayle Farmer is a retired horse trainer, who decided, after selling her horse farm and retiring, to write about the horse world she’d known. She’s written eight horse books, all based at the Double Tree Stables. The series divides into two sections: the Showtime books are about Blair; the others centre around Becky Edwards and the team she works with at the stables. The author now writes adult mysteries.

Finding the books: Showtime at Indio is very hard to find indeed; Showtime’s possible, and the other titles are all available from the author, and as ebooks..

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Gayle Farmer

Double Tree Stables


Showtime at Indio!

Follow Your Dreams


All in the Game

High Hurdles

Riding High
Riding Blind


Omega Publications, 2004, 229 pp.

The story of some privileged teens in Southern California who ride the “A” circuit. Blair’s mother
was a famous Grand Prix rider, and died when Blair was only five. Blair is making the change
from hunter division to the equitation division. Her best friend, Melanie, rides in the jumper division.
They train at the exclusive Double Tree Stable, and have a new trainer, Karen Allen, who is about
to change Blair’s life in a big way.

Bibliography - horse books only

Couples and All in the Game

Omega Publications, 2009

Couples: Becky Edwards’ boyfriend Steve is the object of bad girl Emily’s attentions. She
doesn’t stop there: she sabotages Becky’s chances in a class, and then it’s war.

All in the Game: Steve’s parents are divorcing. While his parents are away he holds a party
at his house, which his mother gatecrashes with disastrous results.

Showtime at Indio!
Omega Publications, 2004, 302 pp.

The continuing adventures of the teenagers from Double Tree Stable as they seek top honours
at Indio, one of the most prestigious horse shows in the United States. This time Blair and Angel
will compete in the Children’s Jumper Speed Class. New romances blossom, old romances
rekindle, and mysteries are solved.

Follow Your Dreams

Omega Publications, 2009

Becky Edwards wants to become a horse trainer. To achieve this, she moves to Del Mar and the
Double Tree Stables. Becky befriends Melanie Young and her trainer Karen, and soon she’s
working with Karen. This doesn’t go down well with other people at the stables who are jealous.

High Hurdles

Omega Publications, 2009

Larry Kline and his mare Connie are the newest arrivals at Double Tree Barn. It looks like
he’d be a perfect match for Melanie - Melanie certainly thinks so - but it turns out Larry’s gay.

Riding High

Omega Publications, 2009

Becky is helping out at the Olympic Equestrian Team Trials when she overhears two men
plotting to drug some of the horses.

Riding Blind

Omega Publications, 2010

Lisa Freeman, who has been blind since birth, is the newest person at Double Trees. She dreams
of learning how to ride a horse and comes to Mystic Ridge for the summer riding group. She falls
in love with Angel, the horse her trainer pairs her with, and before the session ends, Lisa
accomplishes feats no one, not even she, ever expected.