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Helm Publishing, Rockford, 2009

Amanda Wilkes loses her job at the vet hospital to the boss’s nephew; her best friend moves out
of state, and before she goes, asks Amanda to look after her event horse, Indefensible. Indy
has masses of talent, but he’s dangerous. Amanda is thrilled: she’s loved the horse since she

first saw him. Love however is not enough. Amanda was also asked to be kind to Justin, who
took her position at the vet hospital. As well as sorting out her feelings for Justin, she has to find
a key to Indy’s behaviour in order to save his life.

Dr Rebecca Frankeny has worked with horses all her life. She is a vet, having qualified at the University of Pennsylvania, where she was first introduced to Miniature horses, who have a spectrum of health concerns which arise from their miniaturisation. She’s since had many years’ clinical experience with the breed, and owns her own miniatures. She’s written Miniature Horses: a Veterinary Guide for Owners and Breeders (J A Allen, 2003), as well as one work of fiction: Indefensible, not about a miniature horse at all, but a large and unpredictable event horse whose unpredictability may spell disaster for him and for his rider.

Finding the book: reasonably easy to find.

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